Simple Graphs

Simple Graphs Simple Dashboards

Secure data visualization with this easy-to-use and elegantly interactive data visualization Dashboard designer for Windows.

Establish your data visualizations with this easy-to-use and elegantly interactive dashboard designer for Windows.

With Simple Dashboards, the task of creating insightful and information-rich decision support dashboards for executives and business users is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate visual element and dropping data fields into corresponding arguments, values, and series. Visual elements (user interfaces) include: Charts, Pivot Tables, Data Cards, Gauges (both radial and linear), Maps, Grids.

Because Simple Dashboards automatically provides the best data visualization option for you, the results are immediate, accurate and always relevant.

Simple Dashboards is the premier choice for organizing and portraying live data from multiple sources.

This easy-to-use application provides high-quality visual monitoring of your data flow.

Use Simple Dashboards to represent:

•Financial and customer analytics

•Strategic marketing planning

•Demographic information

•Performance or energy efficiency monitoring

•Sales stats from branch offices around the world

•Local weather or traffic

Simple Graphs


Simple Graphs Simple Dashboards

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